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Project Description
A reference implementation for the Department of Justice Logical Entity Exchange Specification XML model which is based off the National Information Exchange Model. This project provides a reference for a LEXS implementation.

The Logical Entity eXchange Specifications (LEXS) defines a common format in which information can be shared. The most commonly used elements form the foundation upon which practitioners can build specialized extensions to suit individual communities. LEXS 3.1 is based on NIEM 2.0.

Current Supported LEXS Version: 3.1.4

About the Project
This project is an open source implementation started by Chris Deweese and is not directly endorsed or sponsored by the United States Department of Justice. The LEXS authors have been open to answer questions and explore the use of .NET and LEXS and that is what has ultimately led to the creation of this project.

There are a lot of examples of LEXS published in Java and a good .NET reference is hard to find. The project illustrates how to implement a LEXS compliant service using Windows Communication Foundation and .NET classes with the XmlSerializer.

The project provides a starting point for implementing your own LEXS Compliant webservices by providing abstract interfaces for the various SearchRetrieve and PublishDiscover web service operations. This allows you to create your own implementations of those providers and leverage dependency injection to inject your implementations at runtime.

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